The all new fantastic Allure Gold and Platinum Faux Leather Lingerie has arrived on british shores. This fabulous new collection of Faux Leather Lingerie and Clothing is all new for 2014 and contains many inspired designs as-well as a few great takes on the classics, as you would expect from Allure this new faux leather clothing range is top quality and high in flare and detail.

Called 'Second Skin' the fabric used in this range is faux leather, but it also has elasticity which gives it that genuine second skin feel, luxurious, warm, and incredibly erotic, this brand new collection from Passion features 20 beautiful and original designs, the fabric is breathable unlike rubber or pvc, and the designs have been created to fit the curves of your body.

Passion of Poland have won many awards since they started in 2005, and probably because these high quality lingerie products are all manufactured in the EU, not in the far east like many other manufacturers, in fact we seem to be having a positive influx of great new manufactures joining the UK lingerie market from the old eastern block of late.