A Bustier looks much like a corset, but is a little more forgiving on the figure. Bustiers may or may not lace up, generally offer a bit more breathing room, and can also feature plastic or steel boning. Many women chose a bustier to wear as sexy lingerie, or for it's bust enhancing and waist slimming characteristics.  

When you search for bustier tops online, you may be surprised to find out that it first came out in the 1950s. A typical bustier is a bra which extends down to the abdomen. Just like basques and corsets, this longer version of a bra has tight-fitting features to create a slender look. Women in those days tend to shape their waist using corsets. Corset types of lingerie can be very uncomfortable and painful but not for bustier because it comes in a shorter more comfortable length. Bustier is even more preferable than those two because of the freedom it gives while still achieving the shapely and sexy waist.

Bustiers are intended to emphasize your curves and tend to push the breast up to create cleavage, whereas, corsets at times do flatten the breast a bit. Often bustiers have cup-shapes built into the the top part of the garment to clearly define the bust. They are shorter than corsets, ending right about the waistline. They are usually less confining to wear and are usually made from more flexible fabric. These are close fitting , sleeveless and often strapless and elasticizing. They usually have boning to give it shape. They can be worn as lingerie or outerwear.  Here are a few of our favorite bustiers!