For many women the garter belt is a mysterious item seen only in vintage photographs or men’s magazines. Most of us are far removed from this undergarment, so the idea of trying on a garter belt, let alone actually wearing one can be a bit nerve wracking.  So today I’d like to invite you to attend this workshop so I can dispel some myths, answer some questions make this wonderful item of lingerie a little more relatable.

Garter belts and garter style thigh highs have long been used as undergarments worn for support and as complementary fashionable items to any outfit. Nowadays, stockings are also made to deliver compression. These medically graded compression stockings are specially made and worn to combat the development and aggravation of debilitating leg problems as a part of an effective preventive and treatment plan.  Garter style thigh highs are just one of the compression stocking styles available, and they are almost always complemented with garter belts.

We always want to help women branch out and try new styles of lingerie. Sometimes we restrict ourselves to what we already know because we know how it looks on us, and sometimes, new types of lingerie can be somewhat confusing in how you are supposed to wear them. Today we’re featuring a relatively simple garment, the garter belt, and showing you different ways you can wear them.