Wearing a Overbust Pattern Corset coupled with a balanced diet and regular exercise should bring you the gradual reduction of your waist size, as seen by the impressive results of our customer so far!The beautiful Cinch Corsets are a modern take on a classic undergarment. Gone are the heavily boned, uncomfortable Victorian pieces, replaced with modern technological design and breathable fabrics that are hand-stitched, individually measured to fit every woman’s shape.

It may look simple, but much of the questions around the latest celebrity must-have accessory involve how to actually use a waist training corset, when it is (and isn’t) safe to wear a slimming corset and of course we are often asked during fittings how best to wear our very own Cinch Corset and Active Range Corsets to get the best results.

The perfect corset came really close with Corset earlier this year. But the thing about sizing down in corsets is that the little quirks and bugs of your body come out – sometimes you can’t even predict them with a quick mockup fitting, because it requires extended use of the corset. You simply have to take note of these issues and adjust for that in your next corset. But of course, that requires a “next corset”. The corset journey can be very long and quite expensive, especially if you’re as picky as I am.